Our Goals

To provide educational and developmental opportunities for individuals across ethnic groups beyond traditional schooling and athletic contexts

  • CUMaking a Difference by Diversifying Educators (MAD2E) – Teacher pipeline program for individuals across ethnic groups to develop their skill sets and pursue careers in the field of education.
  • Professional Development Activities (PDAs) – These sessions involve having professionals from various industries/fields as well as campus departments (e.g., Center for Career Development) come to speak to CU about best practices for searching for careers and being consummate professionals. Networking events such as Career Fairs and Academic Major Fairs are also promoted as PDAs.


To empower individuals across ethnic groups through programs, activities, and services that foster holistic development.

  • CUReal Talk Sessions (RTS) – Weekly support meetings where individuals across ethnic groups discuss their lived experiences and share ideas and thoughts about important social issues in society (e.g., racial achievement gap, incarceration rates of male individuals across ethnic groups, etc.).
  • Brother to Brother (B2B)/Sister to Sister (S2S) Mentoring Program – Informal mentoring program that involves university upper class individuals across ethnic groups paired with university underclass individuals across ethnic groups. B2B mentors and mentees meet a minimum of once a week to facilitate positive and supportive relationships on campus.
  • Information Sessions about Students’ Rights and Resources – These information sessions (also incorporated with RTS) involve having guest speakers from various campus departments and organizations to share knowledge about students’ rights (e.g., health benefits, financial aid opportunities, housing options, etc.) and resources (e.g., academic support services, psychological counseling services, etc.).
  • Former Individuals Across Ethnic Groups Student Presentations (FSPs) – This program involves former students across ethnic groups (including athletes) coming back to campus to share their knowledge about their college experiences as well as advice for professional development.


To integrate individuals across ethnic groups into the campus culture/community aside from athletics.

  • CUCollaborative Social Events (CSEs) – This social events are co-organized with various student organizations on campus and designed to increase awareness of CU, positive engagement with peers on campus and the local community, and generate support and awareness for important social causes (e.g., fundraisers for cancer, disadvantaged communities/neighborhoods/schools/sports teams, etc.).
  • Real Talk Panels (RTPs) – These panels are organized by CU to address important social issues in society and on campus (e.g., racism, sexism, poverty, achievement gap, domestic violence, stereotypes of athletes, etc.). Panelists include CU members, professionals in the field, and relevant presenters from both on and off campus.


To create positive impact on society through outreach efforts.

  • CULift as We Climb Video – The CU group creates motivational videos highlighting their personal testimonies and the value of education, persistence, and making a positive change in society. This video will be disseminated online. CU members will particularly share this video with young individuals across ethnic groups who currently live in the communities they grew up in.
  • Community Outreach Projects (COPs) – Every semester CU sponsors at least one COP addressing a specific need in the local community. COPs may include activities such as tutoring at local schools, guest speaking engagements at local schools, pen pal partnerships with local schools, assisting with the local homeless shelter, volunteering at the local hospital, raising funds for a specific social cause, etc.